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Generate online forms automatically

Get an online form with a single click. Open a new view, click on the "form" icon on the top right corner.


This will automatically create an online form which you can share with anyone.

Built-in auto dropdown and validation

CollateBox automatically creates dropdowns for your form from your existing data with all validation intact without you manually creating a validation list for every form field. Saves you a lot of time and hassle!

Collect data using any device

Use an iPad, iPhone, Android device, Blackberry or any laptop or computer to collect data from anywhere and anytime. All form entries are automatically collated to your data view in CollateBox on which the form was the created.


Form Customization

Online forms automatically created from your CollateBox data can be customized according to your needs.
  • Change the form title or label of a particular field

  • Assign a pre-defined value for a field

  • Add some instructions for form users to collect correct and meaningful data

  • Enable auto dropdown

  • Enforce your own validation list

  • Make the field mandatory

  • Change the width of the field, and much more...

Embed forms

When you share the form, you can use the emebeddable code to embed the form over an iframe in your own website and collect data directly from your website. The form will appear there and you can just get started via a mobile/web browser - anything.


Collect data via public URL

You can also share the form anonymously. The "share" tab in CollateBox generates a public URL which you can share with anyone to enter data directly without logging into CollateBox.

Now, that's a great way to work with online forms. Isn't it? ;-)
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